Sunday, January 17, 2010

my new broadband

Hye all...

i baru balik dr CS.. I just bought broadband.. so pas ni.. no need to borrow my friend's broadband to online.. I bely modem SONY ERICSON.. Total i paid around RM 267 (RM 200 modem + 67 starting + 1 free month usage).. every month, i bayar RM 68.. nanti PC fair, i nak terminate this package then replace it with student package.. so, t i just paid RM50 per month... Now, i can on9 24/7... senang nak wat assig.. n update blog.. heheh... But the main reason i decide nak beli broadband ni on the spot coz terlalu banyak assigment kene guna tenet.. bukan sesaje je i beli mende nie... so PTPTN yang x banyak ni.. i pejamkan mata beli.. becoz utk my future juge... Thanks to people around me who support me a lot... Thanks for everything.. ..!!!

My New Broadband

very nice & smooth

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